Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
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We hope that you will browse, enjoy, and participate in Vibal's various Learn at Home programs, ranging from online classes, asynchronous courseware, and publishing programs specifically tailored for home-based learning. 

Vibal Group is a leading educational publisher with decades of experience in content and curricular development. We design our homeschool programs carefully with an eye towards accessibility, comprehensiveness, and alignment to curricular and content standards. Our teachers are subject matter experts with teaching experience and credentials. Read more about Vibal's custom approach to teaching and learning and why Learn@Home is a helpful and enriching homeschool program for you and your child.

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Vibal Cool School (Summer) Program 2022

Enroll your student at any one of Vibal's Cool School Program 2022 classes. Designed for different age groups, our courses offer an interactive variety of topics guaranteed to engage your digital learner throughout their summer break. All classes are online and are taught by Vibal's faculty of professional licensed teachers. Enrollment for Vibal's 2022 Cool School Program starts now. Classes will start on June 20, 2022. Read the enrollment guide.