Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Summer Program 2021
Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Summer Program 2021
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Happy Homeschool is now accepting enrollees for SY 2020

If you've chosen not to enroll your child in formal schooling or with an accredited homeschool provider this year, or if you have enrolled your child formally and you want to sign them up for a supplementary learning program, please consider Vibal's independent homeschooling program Happy Homeschool.

Happy Homeschool is Vibal's SY 2020 K-10  homeschool program for independent homeschooling parents and learners. Vibal's homeschool curriculum combines DepEd's K-12 curriculum and interest-driven learning. Throughout the entire school year, learners will attend online classes taught by Vibal faculty, take offline modular self-paced courses, and will join non-academic programs and special courses based on their interest and learning journey. Learn more: https://www.happyhomeschool.ph.

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