Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
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Your Guide to Cool School Programs

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Here are some guide questions that may help you as you navigate our site and explore our Learn at Home courses. 

How do I start? 

1) Please register to create an account. If you are the parent or primary guardian of the enrollee, please register your complete name and contact information. Please do not create an account in the name of your child or enrollee. 

2) Browse the site and explore our available course catalog. We will periodically update the course catalog as we drop new content so please follow us on our Facebook page (https://facebook.com/vibalgroup) or bookmark this website. 

I've found the courses I liked. What do I do next? 

When you find a course you like or deem appropriate for your enrollee, you can add the course to your shopping cart. You can keep adding courses until you are ready to check out. When you are done choosing courses, please proceed to the check out page. 

Do I need to pay upon check out? 

You need to confirm your order and pay upon check out. You will be presented with several payment options: Paypal (if you want to pay via credit or debit card), GCash, bank deposit, fund transfer, GCash, and Pera Padala. 

If you pay via Paypal and Paypal confirms the payment, your order will automatically be considered paid and your child's enrollment details will be processed.

If you decide to pay through bank deposit, fund transfer, GCash, and Pera Padala, you will have to email proof of payment to shop@vibalgroup.com before we will process your order.

I've sent proof of payment. What's next? 

We will send you the link to an enrollment form where you will input the enrollee's complete details. After we get this information, please wait for the email indicating all instructions and details from the assigned teacher. 

I enrolled my learner in different courses. What if the class schedules conflict? 

There will be no conflict. We have designed the courses to be self-paced and spread out over a period of time, with our teachers conducting virtual classes at pre-scheduled times with your learner individually or in a group setting, depending on the nature of the class.

We will finalize the complete class schedule per learner once enrollment ends to ensure that all learners will be able to avail of all the courses they want or need to attend. 

Does the course fee include your textbooks? 

All courses will be supported by the instruction and teaching materials, which include modules, lectures, video, audio, assessments, and downloadable activity sheets and resource materials. Daily classes will be held via Zoom or Google meet as well.

When will I know the class opening schedule? 

We will send you an email and text message notification for the start of the classes. Once your learner's schedule is finalized we will reach out to you immediately. 

Will there be actual teachers conducting the sessions? 

Yes. Vibal has an entire team of licensed and trained teachers who will conduct the sessions virtually. 

How long do sessions last? 

Each session will last from 40 minutes to one hour.