We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
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Getting Ready for Math (Ages 3-5)
Vibal Summer School

Getting Ready for Math (Ages 3-5)

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Engage and develop your preschooler's numeracy skills with Getting Ready for Math, our custom numeracy course for learners with ages 3 to 5 years. This course will introduce key mathematical concepts in developmental progression and encourages young children to talk about mathematics in everyday situations through fun and interesting activities, including storytelling. 

This course will contain downloadable activity sheets and resource materials. Parents or guardians will be provided with the activity plan throughout the course. 

Each session will last between forty minutes to one hour and will be held once to twice a week. Vibal teachers will conduct virtual teaching at scheduled times. Class size is ten to fifteen students. Final schedule is flexible and dependent on number and schedule of enrollees.  


If you have any questions please send us an email at learnathome@vibalgroup.com. 

For ages 3-5 years old  


Sessions 1-3: Play with Numbers- These sessions intend to develop the basic number sense of young learners. It includes the ability to match the numeral symbols with its name and quantity and compare the magnitude of numbers with one another.

Sessions 4-6:  Number Party: Addition and Subtraction- Learners will be taught to perform addition and subtraction in a playful manner through fun activities.

Sessions 7-10: Tick-tock: Understanding Time- Learners will develop a sense of time and how to determine the exact time in an analog clock.