We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
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MathEx (Ages 11-13)
Vibal Summer School

MathEx (Ages 11-13)

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In these self-paced sessions facilitated virtually by Vibal teachers, learners will engage with intermediate mathematical concepts to increase skills mastery through drills and step-by-step process teaching. They will learn to solve word problems to build upon their computational skills while at the same tackling the basics of entrepreneurship to discover how Math can help them in their daily lives. 

This course will contain downloadable activity sheets and resource materials. Parents or guardians will be provided with the activity plan throughout the course. 

Each session will last between forty minutes to one hour and will be held once to twice a week. Vibal teachers will conduct virtual teaching at scheduled times. Class size is ten to fifteen students. Final schedule is flexible and dependent on number and schedule of enrollees.  


For queries, please email learnathome@vibalgroup.com. 

Ages 11-13 

Sessions: 20 

Sessions 1-5 Division of Whole Numbers - Learners will be taught how to solve equations involving division of whole numbers.

Sessions 6-10: Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication and Division - Learners will learn to interpret word problems involving multiplication and division and solve efficiently. 

Sessions 11-15: Basic Entrepreneurship - Learners will be taught how Math can be applied to develop entrepreneurial skills.  

Sessions 16-20: Understanding Percentages - These sessions will improve upon the learners' fundamental analytical and computational skills with a deep dive on solving for percentages of numbers.