Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
Enrollment is now open for Vibal's Cool School Program 2022
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Smart Homeschool Math (Ages 11-12) (Quarter 2)
Vibal Smart Homeschool

Smart Homeschool Math (Ages 11-12) (Quarter 2)

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This course is aligned to the 2016 version of the K to 12 curriculum being implemented by the Department of Education. It organizes the key math concepts into five domains: number sense, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics in spiral progression. Particularly noteworthy is its use of the inquiry-based approach, as well as its progressive development of higher-order thinking skills. By the end of the course, the learner: 

  • Follows logically sequenced stages of learning through a conceptual process of solving routine and non-routine problems
  • Motivates learners to seek and learn new math concepts that are directly or indirectly applicable to real-life situations
  • Develops higher-order thinking skills through sets of exercises that are arranged in increasing levels of difficulty
  • Employs the block model approach to help learners solve situational problems using concrete and practical perspectives

Learners will attend a series of TWENTY (20) sessions over the course of TEN (10) weeks. There will be two sessions per week. 

Each session will last between forty minutes to one hour. Teaching will be conducted via Zoom or VSmart School, Vibal's online school platform, by Vibal's licensed professional teachers. Class size is between ten to fifteen students.

The course is meant for home-based learners who are looking for a supplemental quarterly academic program for their online and/or modular classes in formal schooling or homeschooling. 


This course will contain downloadable activity sheets and resource materials. Parents or guardians will be provided with the activity plan throughout the course.