We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
We are accepting late enrollees for Happy Homeschool until October 15, 2020.
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Smart Kids (Ages 6-7): Math and Science
Vibal Summer School

Smart Kids (Ages 6-7): Math and Science

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In this course, learners will improve their fundamental computational skills and understanding of  scientific concepts through interactive lectures, demonstrations, drills, and fun exercises. 

Each session will last between forty minutes to one hour and will be held once to twice a week. Vibal teachers will conduct virtual teaching at scheduled times. Class size is ten to fifteen students. Final schedule is flexible and dependent on number and schedule of enrollees.  


This course will contain downloadable activity sheets and resource materials. Parents or guardians will be provided with the activity plan throughout the course. 

If you have any questions please send us an email at learnathome@vibalgroup.com

Sessions: 24

Sessions 1-4:  Addition and Subtraction up to Two Digits - This session will develop learners' fundamental computational skills, specifically adding and subtracting single to two digit numbers. 

Sessions 5-8: Properties of Matter - Learners will be introduced to the physical and chemical properties of matter. 

Session 9-12: My Dinosaur Friends - In this session, learners will be introduced to the different dinosaur species that roamed the earth millions of years ago. 

Session 13-16: Let's Go on a Space Camp - Learners will study the different natural objects and planets in the solar system.  

Session 17-20: Matter Matters - This session will cover the different states of matter, their properties, and structure.

Session 21-24: Simple Machines - This session will explain the energy transformation in simple machines and will demonstrate the practical and safe use of these machines.